12V DC 13GPM Heavy-Duty Chemical Transfer Mix-n-Go Recirculation Pump with 825 Meter

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Sotera’s SS400 Mix-N-Go series electric Santoprene® diaphragm pump is designed for the chemical transfer of agricultural pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, mild acids, soaps, and water.

The Sotera SS445BX727 Mix-N-Go with recirculation valve 12V DC non-explosion-proof chemical transfer pump that is capable of producing up to 13GPM at 15PSI (1 Bar) maximum pressure. This pump utilizes a glass-reinforced polypropylene housing that is designed with Santoprene® diaphragms, EPDM elastomers, and a 1" NPT fittings. The SS445BX727 is designed for the transfer of agricultural chemicals, mild acids, soaps, and water. Please always refer to the Sotera Chemical Resistance Guide for compatibility. The pump contains 1" accessories such as a 825 meter, discharge hose, ball valve nozzle, poly telescoping tube with a bellows end (28-1/2" - 48-1/2"), check valve, as well as various fittings and clamps. The recirculation valve is built into the Mix-n-Go system on the SS445BX727.

  • Flow rates up to 13GPM
  • Maximum outlet pressure 15 PSI (1 Bar)
  • 8" Hg 'Dry Lift' [9 ft (2.7M) of water]
  • Maximum particle size up to 0.100" diameter
  • Pump can run dry without damage
  • Thermally protected motor
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Additional Accessories Telescoping polypropylene suction tube, 825 digital meter, 1" x 12' EPDM hose, and shutoff ball valve
Additional Accessories Telescoping Polypropylene Suction Tube, 825 Digital Meter, 1" x 12' EPDM Hose, and Shutoff Ball Valve
Industry Agriculture
Fluid Handling Chemicals
Product Series 400 Chemical
825 Digital Meter
Discharge Hose 1” X 12’ EPDM Hose
Mounting Type Bung Mount
Pump Product Type Electric
Valve Shutoff Ball Valve
Inlet Size (in) 1
Outlet Size (in) 1
Flow Rate Range (GPM) 0-13GPM
Motor Power (HP) 0.25
Motor Speed (RPM) 2600
Max Discharge Pressure (PSI) 15
Max Operating Pressure (PSI) 15
Viscosity Range (cSt) 0-3,000 cps
Accuracy (+/- %) 1
Current Range (A) 20
Voltage/Power 12
Watts (W) 240
Battery Quantity 2
Cable Gauge (GA) 12
Cable Length (ft) 20
Cable Connection Alligator Clips
Package Width (in) 21
Package Height (in) 13
Product Weight (lb) 22.2
Product Depth (in) 12