F1810PM0 with ¾" Filter Head Kit

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Fill-Rite's fuel transfer filters are available in a wide range of options. Particulate filters remove contaminates in your fuel like dirt, silt, rust, and corrosion.

The 1200KTF7018 is a complete fuel transfer filter kit that includes filter F1810PM0 and filter head 1200KTG9075. The filter strains particulates up to 10 micron and is designed for fuel transfer systems with flow rates up to 25 gallons per minute. The filter head is equipped with ¾" fuel ports and 1"-12 UNF filter threads. This filter bundles also includes a ¾" elbow, ¾" street elbow, ¾" X 7-¼" pipe nipple, and a ¾" X 2-½" pipe nipple.

  • Protects Equipment — protect your heavy equipment from contaminates that cause substantial damage and shorten life, such as dirt, rust, microbial growth, and water
  • Highest Risk — water contamination is the highest risk to your fuel source, finding its way in during delivery, from rain, humidity, condensation, leaks and numerous other methods
  • Replacement Interval — Fill-Rite recommends changing filters every six months to maintain the highest degrees of protection and performance
  • Hydrosorb® Filters — the best filtering solution for your application, Hydrosorb filters capture particulates and detect excess water by causing flow restriction and indicating your attention is required
  • Particulate Filters — second only to Hydrosorb filters in protection, particulate filters remove dirt, rust, and microbial growth contaminates from your fuel supply before they make their way into your equipment

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Max Flowrate 25
Inlet / Outlet Thread Size (in.) 0.75 " / 0.75 "
Filter 10 Micron Particulate Filter and Filter Head
Assembled Product Weight (lbs.) 5.5
Gross Weight (lbs.) 5.500 lbs