Stainless Steel Rotary Vane

Fill-Rite offers our same great pump in various package configurations to meet your specific needs. We offer 115VAC or 12VDC pumps with 3/4" BSPP connections with accessories for mounting to the top of a tote, hose options, Digital 825D075BSPP Meter, nozzle. Unload your tote, quickly and efficiently with the package for your application
Fill-Rite offers Stainless Steel Rotary Vane Pumps for your application. Our pumps have free sliding vanes in the rotor. As the motor turns the rotor, centrifugal force pushes the vanes out to the pump housing creating a pumping chamber. As the rotor revolves, fluid flows into the area between the vanes when the chamber passes the suction port. The fluid is then transported around the casing to the discharge. Our pumps are offered in 8gpm or 20gpm displacements, in Heavy, Industrial Duty or Professional Duty
Complete your pump package with our easy-to-use accessories - all the parts you need to quickly and efficiently dispense almost any chemical. We offer drum dollies, tote-plate assemblies, mounting plates, Stainless Steel automatic nozzles, and a variety of hoses for our rotary-vane pumps, for our diaphragm and our hand pumps