Digital Register - Stainless Meter: Patented Wave Form Oval Gear

Model: TS Stainless Steel Electronic Meter

Sotera offers a full range of positive displacement TS Oval Gear Meters with weights and measures custody transfer accuracy for the measurement of a wide range of heavy oils, glycols, lube oils, and petro-chemicals. These meters are able to handle the pressure and maintain their accuracy due to the use of only two oval gears eliminating metal-metal contact, fewer seals, low differential pressure, and less slippage due to the patented wave form gear design.

The TS Series is well suited for use in Industrial chemicals, fuels process / transfer, high speed batching and loading, tank truck meters, stationary dispensing, industrial and petro-chemical refining / processing. Combined with an electronic register, printer, or solenoid batching, it is possible to build an application specific system that delivers performance, accuracy, and easy maintenance making the TS Series the intelligent choice.

The Stainless Steel TS Series offers a full range of metering options ranging from 1, 1-1/2, 2, and 3 sizes with 40-200 GPM at 275 PSI. These highly precise meters are available in a wide range of configurations to accommodate different temperatures, viscosities, chemical compatibilities, pulse output signal conditioners, strainers, filters, air eliminators, air check, backpressure, and preset valves, flanges, and seals.


Features & Benefits

  • 40gpm-200gom (150lpm-760lpm)
  • Only 2 moving parts
  • Repeatability 0.05%
  • No Metal to Metal contact in chamber or bearings
  • Electronic Gland-less Meter