• Precision Meters

    The Best Oval Gear Meter You Will Ever Own

    When it comes to precision metering, you don't need complexity. You need accuracy and dependability. With only two moving parts and solid state pulsing circuitry, Fill-Rite Precision Meters are exactly what you need.

    Available in sizes and construction materials for a vast array of applications, Fill-Rite is your precision metering solution. Visit our Precision Meters section to learn more now!

Sotera: Versatile and Robust Chemical Transfer  Pumps, Meters and Systems.

Sotera Chemical Transfer Systems - pumps, meters and accessories - are produced by Tuthill Transfer Systems, a Division of Tuthill Corporation.  Our internationally recognized brands also include Fill-Rite pumps and Precision Flow Meters.  We primarily serve customer in the fields of agriculture, construction, public works, transportation, general industrial, and fuels and chemicals.

At Tuthill Transfer Systems, we make products that have long stood as the industry standard for the fast and safe transfer of a wide range of fuels and chemicals.  We're always looking for innovative ways to provide better value to our customers.

We use only the most durable materials to produce transfer systems that are dependable and long-lasting, and that will continue to perform even in the most difficult of applications and situations.  We also back our products and support those who buy them through unparalleled customer service.

When you combine the highest quality products with topnotch customer care, you get outstanding value - the value of Tuthill Transfer Systems.

Fill-Rite Precision Sotera
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